About Us

ActionAid Thailand was established in 2001 as a part of ActionAid International with the aims to ensure that marginalized populations, particularly women and young people, are empowered and enjoy their rights to live with dignity. We partner with local organisations to enhance the capacity of marginalised people on human rights to empower them to represent their concerns, and networking and campaigning to enabling them to better influence public policies and reducing poverty and injustice.

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We work in partnership with other organisations, including a wide range of civil society organisations, academic and research institutions, community-based groups, the media and different levels of government in the fight against poverty.

Vision, Mission and Values

VISION ActionAid Thailand envisions a poverty free Thailand where women and men realize their potential and live in dignity and prosperity

MISSION It is committed to work in genuine partnership with poor women and men to eradicate absolute poverty

VALUES Courage of conviction, equity and justice, integrity, solidarity, mutual respect and trust: quality, humility and independence.

Mission Objectives we specifically work on,

With a focus on women’s rights in all areas and themes we work in, AAT aims to:

  • Develop the capabilities of civil societies in the fight against poverty
  • Empower and develop the capacities of poor people living in urban areas
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