ActionAid Thailand goes on retreat and readies for future endeavors

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On July 9-10, 2018, the entire ActionAid Thailand team embarked on a retreat to Nakhon Pathom to ready our team for the coming years and endeavors. Through activities, the team bonded with newcomers, strengthened existing friendships, and empowered one another with individual zest and the core values we share. Kindly joining were ActionAid’s Asia Regional Head and three board members who led insightful sessions sharing their experiences and wisdom.

But first, team building

Before arriving at the destination and commencing our instructive retreat, the team visited Don Wai floating market and Sanam Chan Palace, two of Nakhon Pathom’s most famous cultural sites, for team building activities.


Team building activity at Don Wai Floating Market


Opening session

Having arrived at our home and learning hub for the following two days, ActionAid’s Thailand Country Director gave an official opening remark, welcoming and thanking everyone for their presence. ActionAid’s Asia Regional Head and one of ActionAid Thailand’s national board members, both expressed their gratitude for the invitation.

Ice-breaking session

The Head of Fundraising and Communications organised an introduction session.

History of ActionAid Thailand

Putting together all their memories and knowledge to the test, participants managed to draw a timeline from 1972 (the year ActionAid was founded) to 2018 and gather information about ActionAid Thailand, ActionAid International and Thailand history. It was a great opportunity to learn from senior members.


ActionAid Thailand became an Associate member of ActionAid International Federation in 2011


ActionAid’s strategy and values

In the following sessions, participants were divided into two groups to discuss, share their point of view and present to the room, by means of a role play or debate, the seven values of ActionAid: Mutual Respect, Equity and Justice, Integrity, Solidarity with People Living in Poverty and Exclusion, Courage of Conviction, Independence, and Humility.

During the presentations, particular emphasis was placed on the notion of power and influence, the notion of integrity and the difference between equality and equity by the Country Director and Asia Regional Head. The two proceeded with an introduction and overview of ActionAid International’s new strategy and how it is translated into ActionAid Thailand’s country strategy.


CSP discussion

CSP discussion

ActionAid Thailand’s Program and Policy Manager and Finance Manager presented ActionAid Thailand’s Country Strategy Paper 2018-2022. Participants were divided into three groups so as to reflect about the context, the keys priorities and the organisational shifts of ActionAid Thailand’s strategy. ActionAid Thailand’s Board Chairperson and Board Secretariat underlined the importance of campaigning to ensure a strong visibility of ActionAid within Thailand and among ActionAid International Federation and the accountability of ActionAid Thailand regarding donors.


ActionAid Thailand board’s update and vision

The Board members walked the staff through the history of ActionAid Thailand. The Board Secretariat particularly raised the issue of providing a clear vision of what ActionAid Thailand wants to achieve and the importance of good governance at both national and international levels. The board chairperson emphasized on the relevance of engaging with grassroots communities, governments and partners.


ActionAid Thailand is a development organisation who works on the basis of rights.” - Board Secretariat


Field program visit

In the afternoon a meeting between ActionAid Thailand and representatives of Innovation School Network in the central Thailand region was held at Wat Lad Ya Sai School to follow up on the Education Innovation initiative (Jitta-suksa, PBL and PLC) and obtain feedback from students, teachers and network members.


During one of Wat Lad Ya Sai School's integrated classes


Final word

Thanks to this two-day retreat, the team is ready to take off and continue making positive changes for Thailand.

ActionAid Thailand with Innovative School Network members in central Thailand


by Burassakorn Gitipotnopparat and Raphaelle Lecler
ActionAid Thailand 

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