ActionAid Action Run’s One-year Anniversary and Anticipated Return!

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Just like that, a year has gone by since ActionAid Action Run 2017, the first-ever running event by ActionAid Thailand and any ActionAid country worldwide, organised to raise funds for Thailand’s small schools facing closure and merger.

As this past 30 July marks one year anniversary of the charity race, ActionAid Thailand would like to take this opportunity to remember all the fun and fond memories and thank, once again, all runners and celebrity figures, whose turnout neared 2,500, as well as corporate sponsors and the media for their overwhelming support.  

We would also take this opportunity ask a very important question: are you ready to run to save small schools again?

Bring out your gear and get training, because ActionAid Action Run will return in late 2019.

Those who missed the inaugural installment last year or were disappointed that the 22.3K distance was taken out of the program due to location change last year, we will not let you down. More information will be announced here soon.

ActionAid Action Run 2017 took place on Sunday, 30 July at Rama IX Park (Suan Luang Rama IX), Bangkok. The public was invited to run special distances of 4.6K and 13.2K which are not official marathon distances, but the distances children in small schools would have to travel to a new school should their neighbourhood schools get closed as a result of the Ministry of Education’s policy to close or merge schools with fewer than 120 students.

The event raised 1,287,741 baht after expense deduction which has gone to supporting and improving the system of 217 small schools in 24 provinces that impact on the lives of over 21,000 students. Teachers and school personnel’s capacity and quality of classroom management are enhanced through educational innovative approaches. Participating schools have gone on to be pilot schools that mentor and create further impact on other small schools, and make quality education increasingly accessible to rural youth.

ActionAid Action Run 2017 would not have been possible without support from many individuals, including local artists and influencers who helped promote the event through on and offline media, namely Suthipong "Heart" Tadpitakul, who took on MC, ambassador as well as on-the-day crooner duties, IRONMAN runner and tycoon Kitpong “Arr” Chawaldit, Phoranee “Manao” Srithan, Kitpong “Arr” Chawaldit, Kritapas “Krit” Sakdistanon, Pipoauh “Ta” Poomkaewkla, Lilly McGrath, and Em Emiko & Friends, who not only dedicated their donation but also their time in dressing up in school uniform and livening up the atmosphere before the run.


Equally indispensable were the running clubs, Core Success System, SG Saint Gabriel and Chevron Thailand Staff, whose prize-winning joggers joined us in great numbers; and cable TV channels M Channel and TNT-Cartoon Network (Major Kantana Broadcasting Co., Ltd) that showed their keen interest and proffered media coverage.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude for various corporations for their generous contributions with regard to the event’s press conference venue, food and refreshments, and prizes; we thank N.C.C. Management & Development Co.,Ltd. (Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre), Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Food Village Co.,Ltd.  (Tanaosree Group), Julie’s Biscuits, I Thailand Co.,Ltd., Tong Garden Co.,Ltd., Lactasoy Co., Ltd., Thewakam Dispensary Co.,Ltd., Nu Skin Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., Sahapat Co.,Ltd., Pisitichai International Co.,Ltd., CP-Meiji Co.,Ltd., British Dispensary Consumer Public Co.,Ltd., Bangkok Airways Public Co.,Ltd., and Coca-Cola (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

It would be our privilege to see you and step up together for small schools again.

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