Message from Country Director

ActionAid is an international social justice organisation working in 45 countries, for a world free from poverty and injustice. We believe in the power of people to bring change for themselves, for communities and for whole societies.

ActionAid has been working in Thailand since 2001 with an aim of changing the lives of the poorest and the most disadvantaged women and children. In 2005, we launched our first project following the devastating Tsunami in December 2004, the Tsunami Response Project, working with communities and partners to support post-disaster relief and rehabilitation. In 2011, with the aim to grow and become more impactful, we completed our local organisation registration as ActionAid Thailand Foundation and became an Associate member of the ActionAid International Federation.

From 2013 to 2017, we implemented our first Country Strategy Paper (CSP), establishing ourselves as a locally rooted and globally connected organisation. As a result, by 2017, through capacity training programmes, we had supported 717 teachers from 165 schools and worked with 90 small schools, introducing new methods in the classroom to improve the quality of education for nearly 5,000 students. In the past few years, our work in women’s rights, especially our Safe Cities for Women campaign, has gained momentum in engaging different stakeholders, notably government and public transport authorities. Furthermore, we conducted a survey, the first of its kind, on sexual harassment in public transport in Bangkok, which attests to the situation in Bangkok and leads to advocating for the improvement of the situation.

In 2018, we launched our new Country Strategy Paper, Empowerment for Rights and Social Justice 2018-2022, which provides strategic direction for ActionAid Thailand’s programme priorities and key organisational shifts. Committed to achieving social justice, gender equality and eradication of poverty, we take purposeful individual and collective actions to shift unequal and unjust power, whether it is hidden, visible or invisible. We work with people living in poverty and exclusion by applying our theory of change that relies on four pillars: enabling and empowering poor and excluded communities; building solidarity and collective power; people-centred advocacy and campaigning; and progressive and rights-based alternatives.

Our hands joined with communities, schools and local administrations, we support and strengthen networks of small schools, build capacity and social engagement for the educational personnel and youth, and advocate for the right to quality and inclusive education. We support the women and girls’ empowerment and encourage them to take leadership, fight for their rights and actively participate in the decision making and operational processes of their respective communities. Additionally, we put our efforts to address unpaid care work and decent work for women in Thailand. We continue assisting landless and land-poor communities in securing their rights to land and natural resources by developing training programmes and capacity building initiatives.

To read more about what ActionAid Thailand does, click here.

We are highly committed to remaining transparent and accountable to the poor and excluded people that we work with, as well as our partners, supporters, donors and all relevant stakeholders. We strongly value and believe in the importance of genuine collaboration and proactive contributions from everyone. We would like to especially thank our individual supporters for their great contributions, which help ActionAid Thailand to be financially sustainable and further our impact more quickly and steadily. We are happy to share that our regular donations are increasing. We also thank the European Union for their consistent support.

Please join us today and become our new partner to contribute to transformative change in Thailand and support empowerment for rights and social justice.

With love and solidarity,

Tauhid Ibne Farid
Country Director
ActionAid Thailand


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