Where we work

We work in 45 countries all over the world, in the places where we can make the biggest impact. We tackle poverty and the denial of human rights at a local level, and we challenge the causes behind them nationally and globally.

Everywhere we see similar problems. But often the solutions are different – so we’re working together, sharing ideas, spreading inspiration and learning from each other.

By supporting ActionAid, you can be part of a worldwide movement that’s making things fairer for everybody.


In spite of a significant economic growth in the last twenty years, Thailand still has pockets of poverty and deprivation; there are increasing instances of injustice, marginalization and human rights violations within the context of increasing inequality and rural-urban divide. ActionAid Thailand focuses on the right to Education, Women’s rights and Human security, as well as on raising awareness within the Thai population and particularly the Youth who are actively involved in our work.

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